BOISE -- After Tuesday's historic decision that the state's ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, there could be a lot of weddings happening soon in Idaho.

We just were recently engaged, and we weren't going to go to another state to get married until we could get married in our own state, said Will Heatter, who is newly engaged to his partner Nick. To have it happen so quickly, and to have it happen now, it kind of gives me chills to be a part of that, be a part of that history and a part of that love.

Heatter isn't just planning his own wedding. He works to perfect dozens of weddings every year through his custom floral shop, Flowers at Will. Right now, same-sex weddings and ceremonies make up only a small part of his business, but that could change.

I think that my business will definitely profit a little bit more from same-sex couples wanting to actually have a marriage here in Boise, Heatter said.

Amaru Confections bakes cakes for wedding ceremonies. Owners Chris and Aimee Wyatt want each cake, like the Wizard of Oz creation they made for a lesbian wedding, to reflect the couple's personality.

They're not going to tell us before they come in that it's a gay wedding or a straight wedding or whatever, but we make that initial contact with them, and then all the barriers just kind of disappear between the person we're visiting with, said Chris Wyatt.

Wyatt said he and his wife welcome any kind of couple.

Two Bird Studio, a husband and wife wedding photographer and videography duo, shot their first same-sex weddings last year. E.B. and Jason Kauffman are looking forward to more, after hearing Tuesday's ruling.

For us it's two-fold, said E.B. Kauffman. It means we get to be a part of everybody's wedding, regardless of sexual orientation, and on a personal level we believe in it.

For them, taking wedding photographs and doing videos is very personal. They aim to have their product reflect the couple's story, regardless of their sexual orientation.

That's one thing I think we enjoy about shooting weddings is that every one is different, but I don't think there's any one thing for any one person that's different because of something like that, said Jason Kauffman.

KTVB talked to several businesses that did not want to speak with us on camera. Some said they are opposed to gay marriage and avoid serving gay clientele, while others said they will work with same-sex couples, but did not want to have their business associated with the topic.

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