ABERDEEN, WASHINGTON -- Two Emmett women died in a house fire in Washington Friday morning.

Authorities say the fire started around 5 a.m. at the home in the 700 block of 8th Ave. N in Aberdeen.

At first, Tim Tetzlaff thought someone was attacking one of his neighbors.

I heard screaming, he said.

I seen the smoke and at that point I knew it was something different, he said.

Two people died in the fire including 26-year-old Courtney Scott and her mother, 54-year-old, Kristal. They had come to Aberdeen to help family members move out of the home.

Three people escaped the fire and another woman was taken to the hospital.

Firefighters say the homeowners weren't hurt. They credit Tetzlaff and other neighbors, saying they may have saved those three three lives.

I busted it out with a stick and was clearing the bottom so they didn't get cut, Tetzlaff said about breaking a window to help people inside the home get out.

He pulled the older couple out of that first floor window and talked a woman trapped on the roof into jumping down to him.

I just told her come down, turn around and I'll catch you, he said.

Tetzlaff says he's angry he couldn't save the other women. He says he's no hero.

The true heroes are the ones who do the job every day, he said.

Firefighters from both Aberdeen and Hoquiam fought the two-alarm fire. The cause is not yet known.

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