BOISE -- Milk processing facilities in Idaho regularly face inspections by the Idaho Department of Agriculture.

Dr. Bill Barton, a State Veterinarian with the Department of Agriculture, said the inspections are a condition of the FDA's Milk Ordinance. It is put in place to ensure milk is safe for you to enjoy.

Being the third largest dairy producing state in the country we have a lot of processing facilities, he said.

In order to pass, facilities must score above a 90 percent out of a 100 point rating scale. However, last week the Boise Darigold did not.

The facility had had some ventilation issues, and as a result, high humidity and high temperatures, which are commonly found in processing facilities, Barton said. (It) did allow the growth of some mold within the facility.

When a delisting happens, the shipment of milk product is halted.

Steven Rowe, a spokesperson for Darigold, told KTVB by phone Monday afternoon that the delisting means there is no out of state milk shipping allowed.

But Barton and Rowe both promised customers that product already out in stores is safe.

The issues that we found in the plant were on non-product contact surfaces, meaning outside the actual processing equipment itself, said Barton.

After 30 hours and a second inspection, Darigold was able to pass the state rating requirements to get back up and running.

It required just good cleaning of the facility, he said. We are continuing to work with the company to improve the ventilation of the facilities of this plant.

Rowe said that no employees had a disruption in work and no one was sickened by the mold.

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