EAGLE -- A petition to recall Eagle City Council President Mary McFarland has received enough signatures to trigger the next step.

The petition was started by Jane Kramer of Eagle and a group of other residents who say they have lost confidence in McFarland's willingness and ability to execute the duties and responsibilities of her position.

The petition accuses the city council president of playing favorites, violating open meetings laws, interrupting and being rude to members of the public and other city council members, and not reflecting the true views of the citizens of Eagle.

Therefore, Council Member McFarland must be replaced by someone who will listen to and respect the citizens of Eagle, reads the petition, which has already been signed by 20 people.

That's the minimum needed to get the ball rolling: The group now has 75 days to get signatures from 20 percent of the people who voted in the last general election in order to put the recall on a special August ballot.

With 12,293 people registered at last November's election, the group needs to collect 2,459 names. If they hit that mark, the number of people who vote to oust McFarland from her seat must equal or exceed the number that voted her into it in 2011: 1,187 votes.

That's not likely, McFarland said, in a town where less than 2,000 showed up to vote in the last regular election.

The odds of getting 2,500 signatures I think are pretty slim, and then even more slim to get 2,000 people to show up for an election where that's probably the only thing that's on the ballot, she said.

Despite the allegations of rudeness and favoritism, McFarland believes the recall is a response to the city's decisions to buy 34 acres of county land for a snow terrain park in and put in a roundabout on State Street.

She voted for the initiatives, both of which ruffled some feathers in Eagle. Still, McFarland said she made the right choice.

I stand behind my decision, she said. All my decisions are based on trying to make Eagle a better place and trying to support small business.

She says attractions like a snow park -- expected to be operational by winter -- will bring in the money and visitors that currently funnel to Boise or Meridian for entertainment.

I've been really working hard and vocally to get things done, McFarland said. It's easy to sit back and not get in the crosshairs by doing nothing, which is never an option for me.

She said she felt unfairly targeted by the recall attempt: Kramer and the other signers didn't try to get rid of the mayor and other members who cast the same votes.

Despite that frustration, McFarland said support from the community and a recent family emergency helped her put the situation into perspective. McFarland's newborn grandson was rushed to a neonatal intensive care unit not long before the petition emerged.

When I look at all the problems in the world and the things I have to deal with, this is just water off my back, she said. You're always going to have some people unhappy, no matter what you do.

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