BOISE -- Starting Monday evening there are big changes coming to three of Boise s major roads.

The Ada County Highway District met with members of the media Sunday and unveiled a pilot project to reduce traffic lanes on Capitol, Main and Idaho streets. One traffic lane per street will be marked for bicycle traffic only.

The pilot project is temporary and already ACHD has admitted traffic will be impacted from the change.

The bottom line is will the general public accept the trade off of more traffic congestion for bicycle lanes safety and for connectivity? said ACHD board Vice President, Mitch Juarena.

KTVB spoke to bicyclists Sunday about the proposed change and found avid bicyclist Ben Accola.

I like to bike on the weekends and when the weather is nice bike to work, he said.

Accola said he appreciates the attempt to better the riding conditions for bikers in congested and highly traveled areas.

You kind of feel like you are always under attack, whether it be from somebody just not looking when they open their door or from a car merging, he explained.

Ben's fears are echoed by others and those with ACHD knew that because in March they received over six-hundred comments on this proposed pilot project.

However, they want to make sure it has the backing of the general public after a trial run, that is why it s just temporary.

Accola says, while the change is positive, bicyclists still have a responsibility in traffic.

I guess I always start with the assumption that someone is trying to kill me on the road but they won t if people can actually see me, said Accola.

Proponents believe the changes could make Boise's urban core more inviting and Accola agrees.

I think that the more bicycle lanes it makes it easier for people to do it and more people will bike, he said. I know if causes more congestion for cars but hopefully that congestion is mitigated by more people bicycling.

The changes will begin on Capitol Boulevard Monday night, followed by Main and Idaho Streets.

Drivers should expect some added delays during rush hour traffic.

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