EAGLE -- We've learned no charges will be filed in a deadly accident involving a loose horse.

It happened on Highway 16 at about 5 a.m. on March 3rd, after a horse got out of a nearby pen.

That horse collided with the car 43-year-old Alma Sanchez was driving.

Authorities say after hitting the horse, Sanchez veered off the highway, drove about 100 yards through fields and fences, and eventually struck a rock berm.

Initially, the Ada County Sheriff's Office said the owner of the property where the horse escaped could face charges.

But KTVB has confirmed that is not the case, and no criminal charges will be filed in the case.

Jeff Spencer owns Spencer Training, the property where the horse was being kept.

Spencer says the horse, along with another quarterhorse, got there the night before the accident.

He says they have about 50 horses on their 67 acres and this is the first time something like this happened.

Spencer says storm caused the horses to run and knock down the steel fence.

I just assume it was the storm, Spencer said. They were in the outdoor arena and when I went down to barn here the panels were laying flat and they were gone.

Spencer says he never saw the horses that night, and was keeping them for a friend.

One of the horses collided with Sanchez's car, then caused another car to flip shortly after.

Sanchez died from severe head trauma, but her passengers and the people in the other car were OK.

Spencer says he knew there was an investigation into whether he would be charged, but says there was no way to protect against what happened.

It was relief of course, Spencer said. It wasn't because someone let them out or didn't put them away right or anything like that. There's not a fence in the county that a horse can't get out if they jumped high enough or ran hard enough.

Roger Bourne with the Ada County Prosecutor's Office said a domesticated animal at large in a herd district is only an infraction, and a first offense warning with a $25 county fine, so it wouldn't be worth putting those involved through the process.

As for Spencer, he has a message for Sanchez's family.

Our condolences and sure wish we could help them some way, he said.

The prosecutor's office tells us Sanchez's family is planning to file a civil suit in the case.

Spencer says they are keeping a closer eye on their animals after the incident.

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