BOISE-- More than two thousand people took to the hills to compete in the 37th annual Race to Robie Creek on Saturday.

Many participants wanted to win the race, while some ran in remembrance of others, and others just to see if they could make the tough 13.1 mile ascent that is billed as the toughest race in the Northwest.

But one Boise man ran for a reason near and dear to his heart: to help out injured military men and women. Serviceman Jim Lambrecht decided to run this year s race in military gear, along with a backpack containing approximately 35 pounds of weight.

Prior to the race, Lambrecht raised money for the Wounded Warriors Project, which helps military personnel that are suffering after serving their country.

Lambrecht also ran with the Wounded Warriors flag attached to his backpack, in hopes that he would raise awareness for the project.

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