BOISE -- If you've waited to file your taxes, you're not alone. The Idaho State Tax Commission says it's helped thousands of Idahoans complete their taxes on deadline day over the last decade or so.

Last minute filers can drop off completed state and federal income tax returns at the Boise office on April 15. It's located at 800 Park Boulevard. Idahoans can drop off their returns from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For more information on curbside service, click here.

Some of the Idaho State Tax Commission's offices have announced extended hours for tax day. You can find out more by visiting


The United States Postal Service also has some helpful tips if you plan to file on April 15. State income tax returns and payments must be received or postmarked by midnight. Some post offices also have extended hours Tuesday. You can use the PO Locator tool to see which locations will be open late.

The Boise mail processing and distribution facility, located at 2201 S. Cole Road, will collect tax returns until 8 p.m. on Tuesday to assist tax filers. In addition, customers who print a mailing label before midnight at any of the six Self-Service Kiosks in the Boise area will receive an April 15 postmark.


Here are some tips from tax experts if you plan on filing deadline day:

  • Check your return for typos and double check social security numbers because any errors can delay your refund
  • If filing a paper return, remember to attach your W-2 and a complete copy of your federal return
  • When filing a joint return, make sure both spouses sign the forms before turning them in
  • Consider E-filing. Experts say it's a lot easier and the software does the math for you. You'll also get a confirmation email when we receive your return, and your refund will be issued a lot quicker.


If you can't get your taxes done by April 15, you could qualify for an extension. Tax commission representatives say it's important to know where you stand because if you have unpaid taxes, the late fees can really add up.

Spokeswoman Renee Eymann told us there are some important things to know about tax extensions.

You need to pay at least 80 percent of the taxes you're going to owe this year or 100 percent of the tax you owe last year on your 2012 return. To help check all that out, you can check out the worksheet on our Form 51, say Eymann.

If you have other tax-related questions, you can call 334-7660 in the Boise area or toll free at (800) 972-7660.

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