BOISE -- You've probably seen them at the Caldwell Night Rodeo and the Snake River Stampede.

The purple-clad riders of the Man Up Crusade have paraded around Idaho arenas for the last two years, raising awareness of domestic violence. Folks are encouraged to privately donate to the organization and a booth is available at each rodeo for outreach and collection.

Ever seen NFLfootball players wear pink?How about an entire rodeo audience in the same color for breast cancer awareness?That's the idea behind the color purple and the Man Up Crusade.

The non-profit was founded in 2012 by Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue and his wife Jeanie. The couple have found so much success here in Idaho, they're now planning to hold events in at least five more western states this summer.


Kieran Donahue told us he's passionate about raising awareness because of his long history in law enforcement. It's the most unreported crime that we have, Donahue said. One in four women are a victim of domestic violence.

Jeanie Donahue says it was obvious these types of calls were having a troubling affect on her husband. I saw personally how those cases affected him, she added.

That's when the couple began researching domestic violence with the goal of creating a conversation.

We're going to be the first ones to step out there and say on a national, international level, we're going to stand up and make a difference, said Kieran Donahue.

The Donahues said promoting the cause at rodeos seemed like the perfect fit from the start.

Cowboys are always known to do the right thing, stand up and when others won't stand up. They'll stand up and lead the charge, said Kieran Donahue of the partnership.

To increase involvement, the non-profit group has held Purple Night at the Caldwell Night Rodeo and the Snake River Stampede.


Purple is the color of domestic violence like pink is for breast cancer, said Jeanie Donahue, who serves as the Man Up Crusade executive director.

At each Purple Night event, any money raised stays within the community, benefiting local women's shelters and organizations leading the fight against domestic violence.

It has just exploded in the last year, said Kieran Donahue regarding interest in the Man Up Crusade campaign.

The mission has been so successful, Man Up Crusade will be expanding well outside Idaho this summer, bringing Purple Night to rodeo audiences in California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

The Donahues say the positive response has been humbling and encouraging.

My goal would be that purple is as recognized as the pink ribbon is, added Jeanie.

The Donahues plan to continue adding new rodeos to their summer tour and they're also looking into expanding to other sporting events including soccer and college football.

If you'd like to support the cause here in Idaho, you can check out Purple Night at the Snake River Stampede in July or the Caldwell Night Rodeo in August.

For more information about the Man Up Crusade, click here.

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