COEUR D ALENE, Idaho--A Coeur d Alene teenager accused of brutally murdering his father and young brother has not had many people visit him in jail.

Not a single family member had visited 14-year-old Eldon Samuel III as of Wednesday.

There have been eight people who have visited the murder suspect since he has been arrested. None of them are family or friends.

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The teenager was being kept at the Kootenai County Jail in an individual cell.

The suspect was charged as an adult but has to be separated from the rest of the jail population.

Most of his visitors were either detectives or lawyers. The murder suspect had one visit from a counselor. The name of the counselor matches that of a Coeur d Alene psychiatrist.

KREM 2 News is told the suspect's grandfather lives in Coeur d Alene. The teenager s mother lives in California, according to court documents. The mother told investigators she had not seen her son in two years.

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