IDAHO CITY Bit by bit we're beginning to get our questions answered surrounding a missing person's case, turned murder case in Idaho City.

The case dates back to 2007. In March, police arrested Michael Dauber, who's been a person of interest for years.

Police accuse Michael Dauber of shooting and killing Steve Kalogerakos. The two men were roommates six years ago, living not far from the Boise County Sheriff s Office. Now, after years of interviews and investigating, detectives say they have enough evidence to charge Dauber with Kalogerakos murder.

But talking about the details of this or any other murder case before it goes to trial is something that police and prosecutors won't do.

We don't want to give out too much information and jeopardize a potential trial. I think what we try and highlight is the team effort that we had with multiple agencies, said Boise County Sheriff Ben Roeber.

But why was Dauber, who was and has been a person of interest from the very beginning - been allowed to roam free for so many years?

As with any case we have to have a sufficient amount of evidence to make an arrest. So a person can be a person of interest, if we don't have any evidence, we can't make an arrest, said Roeber.

Roeber can't say what that evidence is at this point, but we do know through Kalogerakos' sister that Steve s body has been found and recovered. That happened in late 2013.

We've also reported that investigators needed witnesses, anyone who knows something about what happened to come forward.

Assuming someone came forward to lead investigators to Kalogerakos' body several months ago, that's still a lot of time that passed before police made an arrest.

Roeber, again without being able to go into specifics, said they made the arrest as fast as they could.

This certainly has been a primary focus for my staff and with the other agencies involved, said Roeber.

Because police are so limited with what they can and cannot say at this point, that still leaves many lingering questions about what happened over six years ago. During the trial many of those questions will likely be answered.

Some questions could be answered when Dauber is in court on April 10. On that day prosecutors will argue over a bond amount and likely give details as to why Dauber should remain in jail through the trial.

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