BOISE -- The big deadline is here for Americans to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Those with reported an extreme number of questions coming into their call center with 1,096 people calling by 5 p.m. Monday.

We're breaking all records, the call center staff is working diligently. They're not even taking lunch they are working to make sure people can start this process and get through, said Jody Olson, communications director for

However, helpers assured people that everything was under control.

Of course, the procrastinators lined up to log in and the federal website had some glitches, which impacts Idaho s site because the application is finalized through

And so the outages have been relatively short and people can get back on and continue the process, said Olson.

Olson said those with the Idaho exchange website knew when crunch time hit things were going to get busy, so they advised people to not wait and in the past 10 days sign-ups have increased.

More and more people were trying to get this process started but of course it's human nature, they're going to wait until the last minute, so today's the last day and we're seeing a huge increase in traffic, said Olson.

Idahoans have until 10 p.m. in southern Idaho and 9 p.m. in northern Idaho to get their name into the queue.

They are going to be looking for some sort of proof that you made a good faith effort to get the application going, explained Olson. You need to be in that application process and there needs to be something that comes back that says we recognize you are in that queue.

Olson encourages you to take a screen shot it or print the page if you get into the process but can t finish.

However, if you still can t get your name into the queue, then you have to wait until the next open enrollment to roll around, which is in November.

If you don t sign up, the penalty is $95 per person and $47 per child or 1% of your household income.

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