BOISE -- A three-man crew including an American astronaut with Boise ties docked at the International Space Station Thursday.

NASA astronaut Steven Swanson will be assisting Boise State University's Space Broncos program by participating in live satellite links with students and performing experiments for the class in space.

Swanson and two Russian cosmonauts were supposed to arrive two days ago, but the capsule was unable to fire its maneuvering engines as planned.

We do plan on doing a few other fun things on board. We plan on watching the World Cup, said Swanson. It should be a good game if you know that USA and Germany are in the same pool on the World Cup, and at that same time, we will have a German astronaut on board, and we will probably have a bet on who's going to clean the toilet next.

After arriving at the International Space Station, Swanson and the two Russian cosmonauts were able to talk with family members live and answer their questions.

We had a fun time. The flight was a little bit long. It was a long two days, but we made it and we're glad to be here, said Swanson.

The arrival of the trio returns the station to a full six-member crew. According to NASA, Swanson will be onboard the International Space Station for six months.

During that time, he also plans to participate in a live Q&A session with BSU students during a Space Symposium set for May 6.

He's scheduled to return to earth in September.

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