EAGLE -- During peak hours the traffic at the intersection of North Eagle Road and Old State Street starts to back up in almost every direction.

Years ago, engineers with the Ada County Highway District decided that eventually something would have to be done to control the traffic at that intersection.

ACHD gave those with the City of Eagle some options, five options actually. One was a no build option, meaning there would be no changes to the intersection.

Other options included an expanded signalized intersection with additional turn lanes, a quadrant intersection where westbound left hand turns would be prohibited and a one-way couplet option where Eagle Road would essentially be a northbound one-way road, and Olde Park Place would be a southbound one-way.

With all those options, there was also the final option of a roundabout at the intersection, which naturally drew much criticism.

Last year they (Eagle city council members) chose the no build option, ACHD Spokesperson Nicole Pineda said.

However, something has to be done, because ACHD reports the intersection is at capacity.

Right now that intersection sees about 2,100 cars at peak time around 5 or 6 p.m. at night, explained Pineda. In 2035, we expect that number to go up to 3,500.

So, those with ACHD recommended that a roundabout would be the most effective traffic tool at that particular intersection.

Some drivers KTVB spoke to in traffic Tuesday, had mixed thoughts about the proposed roundabout.

Please don t. They seem to cause more trouble than anything, said one driver waiting at the light.

I think it would be a good idea, said another driver. As you can see it s pretty crowded.

Tuesday evening at a special city council hearing the members of the Eagle City Council decided to recommend a roundabout to the ACHD, who will then finalize that decision on March 26.

For an entire hour, the councilors went back and forth on the options, and ultimately two voted against the roundabout and two council members voted for it. The final vote came down to Mayor Jim Reynolds, who voted yes to the roundabout.

However, if a roundabout is built at the intersection of Eagle Road and Old State Street, land acquisitions will be needed.

The Bodacious Pig BBQ sits at that corner, and the small business will celebrate their one year anniversary at that spot on March 26.

Owner Joel Anderson expressed his dissatisfaction with the idea of a roundabout outside his storefront. He said it s not that he doesn t like roundabouts in general, he just doesn t feel this particular intersection is the right place for one.

We will lose parking, and right now parking is tight as it is, said Anderson.

He is worried about the impact the roundabout will have on his restaurant.

This is how we support ourselves, and so for a roundabout to come in and take away part of our property, and not allow us to run out business is definitely harmful, Anderson said.

ACHD will again meet on March 26, where the project manager is set to recommend a roundabout to the commission at the intersection.

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