STEVENS COUNTY, Wash. Officers arrested three people Friday in connection to an on-going kidnapping and murder investigation. Spokane Police Department leaders said more arrests are possible.

Investigators said a body was found Friday in connection to the kidnapping of a woman in Northwest Spokane. The body was located early Friday morning in a rural area near Long Lake. Spokane Police detectives received information that led them to the discovery off Highway 291 near Tumtum. Detectives believed the body was dumped there a week earlier.

Domingo Valdovinos Navarro (26), Dillon Casteel (23), and Joseph Gillespie (33), were booked Friday. Valdovinos faces murder and kidnapping charges. Casteel and Gillespie face kidnapping charges according to authorities.

On Thursday, one person was taken into custody in the ongoing investigation after a warrant was executed at a home near the intersection of Maple and Knox in Spokane. Detectives believed the kidnapping took place at that location.

Police said after the arrest, the female victim in the kidnapping was safe. She has evidently escaped her captor. It was not clear what connection the body found Friday in Tumtum had with the kidnapping investigation.

SPD detectives planned to process the scene where the body was located Friday. The medical examiner was expected to release information on the identity of the body located as well as the official cause of death at a later time.

The kidnapping and the discovery of the body were part of an on-going, multi-agency investigation. Details surrounding the case were limited due to the nature of the investigation.

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