BOISE -- From Washington state to Washington D.C., Monday was a mess with snow and ice forcing closures around the nation. Agencies closed some major highways and interstates and airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights.

Many Idaho businesses depend on shipping from areas that have now been hit hard by winter storms that have been hitting over and over.

Ocean Beauty in Boise supplies seafood to many southern Idaho restaurants, markets and grocery stores. They get seafood from all over the U.S. and the world.

Typically we get a lot of product brought in by truck lines, mostly by air. So we tend to have a lot of problems, sometimes weather on the east coast can affect us getting product in here. Same with the west coast, said Kent Langston-Smith, Ocean Beauty Seafood Boise General Manager.

While this year's winter weather has certainly caused concern, Langston-Smith says luckily seafood has been coming into Boise okay.

A typical year, we're impacted quite severely by weather. This year, for some odd reason, we've done very well. It's been a very good year transportation wise, Langston-Smith said.

Langston-Smith says they've done a good job planning ahead and making orders ahead of time.

We try to route things around the weather, either go to the south when it's snowing up north, [and the] same thing when it's raining or snowing over the passes, we'll have to make adjustments to that, Langston-Smith said.

For example, interstate closures on the west coast came after the Ocean Beauty shipments came in, so locally, seafood stores are stocked.

It's a challenge. Luckily, our trucks came in over the weekend before the storm. Sometimes when we talk to their dispatchers, we're trying to move stuff. We'll have people come in early trying to get trucks out early. It's a big juggling match to make you get product in on time, Langston-Smith said.

Langston-Smith says transportation issues can drive up market prices, and that those impacts are already being felt. While winter weather on land has been somewhat of a logistical concern, Langston-Smith says bad weather on the oceans has had more of an impact.

Mainly right now, we're having a lot of problems getting product out of Alaska. Boats come in [because] it's been pretty bad weather. If [wind is] blowing too hard, the boats can't get out and we can't get fish, Langston-Smith said. But transportation wise, we've been doing pretty well and able to supply our restaurants and retailers with everything they need.

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