BOISE -- Some of Idaho's best and brightest students competed in the second annual Western Idaho Regional Science Bowl Monday.

They were answering questions about joules of energy and the radius of a hydrogen nucleus to compete for an all expenses-paid trip to the Department of Energy National Science Bowl in Washington D.C.

Twenty-six teams of high school students from 17 cities rattled off their answers in the head to head competition.

The questions are extremely hard. The students have worked extremely hard, said Kami Faylor with the Micron Foundation. They study. This is just like an athletic activity where they have practices after school, and they learn a lot of content that they are not necessarily learning in their day-to-day math and science courses.

It's an event sponsored by the Micron Foundation to help promote STEM subjects.

There are two competitions in Idaho, the winners of both will go to D.C.

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