BOISE -- Seven people are now in custody and charged with trafficking methamphetamine from Southern California to Idaho.

Boise police were investigating the group for nine months.

They believe the group is responsible for a good percentage of meth in the Boise area, up to 50 pounds of it.

Officers say two of the suspects would drive the drugs from California to Idaho, and the rest are accused of distributing the meth once it arrived.

The seven people booked into Ada County Jail are: Celilio Alba Ponce, 25, of Montello, Calif.; Daniel A. Dominiguez, 21, of Norco, Calif.; Randy L. Allen, 31, of Boise; Trina R. Abramson, 33, of Boise; Douglas R. Langley, 29, of Boise; Devin Ponte, 27, of Boise; and Robert Leavell, 47, Boise.

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