BOISE -- If you're tired of going through long security lines at the airport, removing your shoes and belt, and taking your laptop out of your bag, then a new TSA program could be for you.

It's called TSAPre Check, and an application center is now in Boise.

Pamela Stublaski is one of the dozens of people who have already taken advantage of the center, which is located at 222 Cole Road in Boise.

I didn't want to get stuck in that long line, so I came to get signed up for Pre Check, said Stublaski.

Those who want to enroll must first apply online. After passing a background check and being deemed low-risk, prospective flyers then show up in-person at the enrollment center where they must show ID and passport, submit fingerprints, and pay $85 for an enrollment period of five years.

My fiance is a frequent flyer, and he got the Pre Check, said Stublaski. He said it was awesome.

Jennifer Pedrali was so tired of long security lines, that she was willing to go to Utah to sign up, but learned she didn't have to when Boise's TSAPre Check Center opened.

I think it's fantastic. It's a good thing for Boise too, Pedrali said.

Here's how it works:those enrolled can enter a faster line at TSA security checkpoints. They don't have to take off shoes, belt, or light coat, and can keep laptops and liquids in their bags.

Well, you don't have to get undressed for one thing, said Pedrali. And then, you don't have to take all your stuff out. So, it's a pretty big hassle when you fly.

However, some might ask if this convenience comes at the sacrifice of security.

Andrew Coose, the Federal Security Director for the TSA in Idaho says, no. He says even if you're a member of TSAPre Check, you still have to go through the scanner, as well as all your carry-on items.

Everybody who goes through a U.S. airport receives screening, Coose said. The question is just, how much time, how much effort, and how in-depth do we go into the screening process? The screening process still finds bombs, still finds guns, but we're able to do it in an expedited manner.

TSA is in the process of increasing the number of the Pre Check enrollment centers to more than 300 nationwide. The new one in Boise is at 222 South Cole Road.

By the end of this year, the TSA wants half of the people flying in the U.S. to be going through this expedited process.

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