BOISE -- More snow, ice, and freezing rain are expected in the Treasure Valley this week. That means more dangerous driving conditions throughout our area.

It also means auto body shops are extra busy.

On Thursday, KTVB talked to Westside Body Work's foreman Matt Forschler.

He tells us their employees are working non-stop and their repair shop is full.

Now, there are even more cars waiting to get frame work fixed from the fallout of the recent slick roads.

Yesterday morning, we saw the tow trucks start coming in one right after the other, so we're ramped up at full speed right now, said Forschler.

After the tow truck drivers had a long day on Wednesday, following the overnight snow, the cars start rolling in to the auto body shops on Thursday.

When snowflakes fall we know we're going to be busy, and if enough of them fall we could be busy through tax time, said Forschler.

With fresh snow and ice, still sitting on hoods, crews got to work, getting cars repaired quickly.

It's sometimes a juggling act trying to figure out how we are going to get them all done, but the guys are ready for it, they like working late and long hours, said Forschler.

He says the long days are actually exactly what their crews look forward to, When we are not busy, we're waiting for this, we love it.

We expect it once or twice a year, we just started to recover from the last one though so we didn't have much of a breather, said Forschler.

Forschler says most of the work the cars need involves frames and structures, meaning more man hours, and sometimes a trip to the mechanic as well.

It's all to get cars smashed on slick roads, back to drivers as soon as possible.

It's always sort of an organized chaos and everyone has to be on their game, said Forschler.

Westside Body Works says their employees are ready for times like this, hoping to get all the extra cars fixed as quickly as they can.

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