SEATTLE -- With high winds and heavy rain in the forecast for Saturday, both the Seahawks and their fans are gearing up for some wild weather during the team's playoff game against the New Orleans Saints.

For that reason, the Seahawks stores surrounding CenturyLink Field stayed busy all day long on Friday.

I didn't actually know until today about the weather, said Bobby Bertsch, who works at On The Field. So knowing that, I'm sure we'll go through a lot of rain gear, blankets, ponchos, that type of stuff.

Among the fans stocking up on gear were Dori Schnelz and her husband. They've been rooting for the Seahawks for years, and say a little bad weather won't dampen the mood in this city.

The fans are gonna be so riled up that it won't matter, said Dori. But can you imagine 50 mph gusts and Russell Wilson goes back and goes long!

Even the staff at CenturyLink seemed worried about the wind. Friday morning, they tweeted out a picture of a tractor and several cables being used to secure the goalposts on the field.

NFLAnalyst Peter King told KING5 he expects the noise inside the stadium to be more of a factor in the game than the wind. Still, he says he the wind could impact the kicking game.

I'd anticipate that goalpost is probably going to do some swaying, he said. If I'm one of the two field goal kickers, I don't want to be kicking at the goal post. I'll l feel like I've had too many drinks, you know because it'll be moving like this.

If anything, fans hope the rain will give the Seahawks and added advantage. If anyone can play and win in the rain, they say it's Seattle.

Go Hawks! said Dori. I haven't been this excited since 2005.

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