PORTLAND A female assailant jumped out of a car in front of an 89-year-old woman's home Tuesday, grabbed her, threw her to the ground and took her purse, leaving her with a nasty black eye.

It all started when the victim, who asked to only be identified as Marge, returned from shopping at her neighborhood Fred Meyer. She pulled into her driveway in Southeast Portland and noticed a burnt orange 1970s station wagon parked in front of her mailbox, said Sgt. Pete Simpson with Portland police.

A woman then popped out of the backseat of the vehicle.

Marge told the woman she couldn t park in front of her mail boxes, and that s when the woman came at her and tried to yank the purse out of her hands.

I hung on to it, she told KGW. I hung on to it and she dragged me.

The assailant was able to grab the purse, then jumped back in the car as it sped off down the road.

You should be ashamed of yourself to pick on an old lady, Marge said. And I hope sooner or later, you get it back, and I'm sure you will.

Marge was treated by paramedics at the scene before she was taken to the hospital. She suffered bruises to her face, hand and knees. She said her injuries look worse than they hurt.

I have a high tolerance for pain, she said.

Her purse had cash, credit cards and other miscellaneous identification and property inside. Marge s glasses were also broken in the melee. Police told her a card was used after the attack for a bank withdrawal.

The suspect was described as a white woman in her 30s with a medium build and around 5-foot-7.

Anyone with information was asked to call police at 503-823-0405.

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