ASOTINCOUNTY, Wash. -- The Asotin County Sheriff's Office started the search for the remains of Rachael Anderson again Monday.

Authorities said they will search the Snake River near Clarkston. The search will continue until Wednesday if necessary.

Boaters are being asked to stay clear of search boats working in the area near Red Wolf Bridge.

Officials believe Anderson's estranged husband and his friend are responsible for her death.

Stone and Anderson's estranged husband, 53-year-old Charles A. Capone, were both charged with first-degree murder, failure to notify a coroner or law enforcement officer about a death and conspiracy to commit both of those crimes.

Stone pleaded guilty to failure to notify law enforcement of the death of Rachael Anderson. In a plea agreement officials said Stone offered information that prosecutors hoped would help locate her body.

Anderson's estranged husband, Charles Capone, faces trial for first-degree murder on March 31.

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