MONROE, Wash. -- The8th graderstayed home from school Tuesday, still shakenby the incident.She spent the day decorating the house, but Christmas has lost a lot of it's sparkle.

I thought he was gonnahurt me, she said. I was so scared.

Thegirl was riding the bus to Hidden River Middle School near MonroeMonday when a 13-year-old boy allegedly pulled out a pocketknife, looked straight at her, and made a chilling threat.

He licked the blade twice. He turned and said 'I'm going to chop you up into chili and make your friends eat it.' I was scared andI thought he was actually going to do it.

The student says because of the driver's strict policy not to move around on the bus,she sat in nervous silence before getting to school. Once there,shetried to report the incident, but was told to go check in ather first period class. Whenshe returned to the office a few minues latershe was able to tell a staff member what happened. Butfor thenext four and a half hours she had no idea what would happen next - if the boy was still armed, still out there.

When Ihave break he's normally around whereI hang out with my friend andI was scared that ifI let it go he would really try to hurt me, she said.

Monroe School Districtofficials said the suspect was removed from class, disarmed and emergency expelled within 10 minutes of the girl's report. The parents were eventually contacted near the end of the school day.School officialsclaimed they tried to contact the parents sooner, but were unable to. The parents said they never received an earliercall.

Most painful to the parents, however, was that theirdaughter was left wondering for so long whether that boy might try to make good on his threat.

There was some serious emotional distress that needed to be addressed a long time before it was, said Casey Bailey, the girl's father. The lack of support from the school was alarming to me.

The school district said it acted swiftly and appropriately.

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