BOISE -- For many stores and shoppers, Black Friday has in a way turned into Black Thursday with many stores opening on Thanksgiving day.

At the Boise Towne Square Mall, around 30 percent of the stores opened at 8 p.m. on Thursday night, with another wave opening at midnight, and nearly all the rest opening at 6 a.m. Friday.

It's been great. Just like we expected, they came out at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving and stayed until about 2, 2:30 this morning, then we had very casual shoppers for a couple of hours, and now they're coming out again, Tina Kierce, Boise Towne Square Mall Marketing Manager, said.

Outside Dillard's, shoppers lined up to get inside the store when it opened at 6 a.m.. Kierce says Dillard's was the only 'anchor' store (like Macy's, JCPenney and Kohl's) to open on Friday instead of Thursday.

We went [shopping] at 12, took a short nap at 3, and we're back for more, Megan Johnson said.

Her friend, Katie Hartman, says it was worth getting little to no sleep to come shopping and be part of the experience.

It's a lot about the experience, Hartman said.

And the people watching. People are crazy. It's worth getting out of bed for, Johnson said.

Cabela's Boise decided not to open until 5 a.m. Friday so shoppers and their employees could have Thanksgiving at home with family and friends.

We made sure we're closed on Thursday. Give everybody the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends and family, have the day off and observe those traditions and holidays. No matter how big we get or how successful things are, we'll always hold to those traditions, Keith Fitzgerald, Cabela's Boise, said.

While the store wasn't open on Thanksgiving, some people did choose to spend their holiday forming a line outside. The first people in line got there around 2 a.m. on Thanksgiving, so they waited more than 28 hours. Cabela's counted around 1,600 people in line.

These people, when they open the doors, there is no strategy, shopper Carl Wertel said. Just nothing but elbows. I've been here last year... They squeeze through the door here like a fire drill or something. But it's something to see.

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