BOISE -- The beautiful Quail Hollow Golf Course could belong to the City of Boise as early as December 1.

The 140-acre course is tucked into the Boise Foothills, includes 18 holes, a clubhouse, putting green, driving range, and one generous owner who wants to give it all away.

City leaders say owner Dave Hendrickson worried that a potential buyer could divide and develop the 140-acre course if sold, so he opted to donate it.

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter spoke at a news conference at City Hall Monday morning. Bieter said he couldn't believe the news when he heard it from Hendrickson's attorney.

He said, well, my client would like to give the city a golf course, and I said 'Excuse me? A miniature golf course? 'No,' he said, 'Quail Hollow Golf Course.' Bieter also made it known that Hendrickson wants to remain low key -- and out of the public eye. That's why he didn't show up for Monday's announcement.

When asked why Hendrickson donated the land, Boise Parks and Recreation Dept. Director Doug Holloway said the donation was about maintaining open space.

.. I think a bigger concern is that he wanted public open space to be maintained in that area, Holloway told KTVB.

Low key or not, this generous gift is a profitable one, and Holloway says it's self-sustaining. He also said the city plans to keep Quail Hollow's 6 full-time employees and keep prices here the same - about 30 bucks for 18 holes.

Leaders from various city departments fine tuned the details of the proposal over the summer, according to AdamPark, spokesman for the mayor's office.

Acaveat of the agreement includes the city's ability to preserve the open space -- but it doesn't have to be a golf course.However, Bieter says it's his intent that the land be kept as a golf course.

The donation is pending approval by the Boise City Council on Tuesday night. If that happens, the course would belong to the City of December 1.

Quail Hollow would be the city's second municipal golf course after Warm Springs Golf Course.

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