TWINFALLS -- For some people, it's hard to imagine just serving in the military -- let alone surviving three of our nation's bloodiest wars.

How about multiplying those odds by five?

That's the family legacy Michael Andersen remembers each Veterans Day.

Andersen is a retired Twin Falls fire captain whose father and four uncles served a combined 149 years and 6 months in the military.

Andersen sent KTVB a photo of all five brothers who posed in uniform. He says all were proud veterans of various military branches who each served throughout WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

That includes his father Andreas, who spent 29 years and 6 months in the Army, was a paratrooper in the Normandy invasion of WWII, fought in the Korean War, and was shot down twice while performing reconnaissance work in a helicopter in Vietnam.

Of the five warrior siblings, only 85-year-old Evan -- or Junior as he's known to the family -- is still alive, residing in Jacksonville, Florida.

Happy Veterans day to all the surviving veterans, Michael Andersen told KTVB after sending the photo to our newsroom. Thank you for your service. Stay safe the ones that are still serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, and return home soon.

Andersen says while he had planned to enter the military as a younger man, he was offered a job as a firefighter with Twin Falls and served out a long public safety career there.

His daughter is a former member of the Idaho National Guard who served in Iraq.

Front Row (left to right):Wally (Navy-22 years), Victor (Air Force-33 years), Evan (Navy -32 years)

Back Row (left to right):Andreas (Army 29-years), Alex (Air Force-33 years)

Michael Andersen says this photo is believed to have been taken around 1970 or 1971, and is the first time the five brothers had gathered since the Korean War.

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