COEUR d'ALENE -- Fire officials in Coeur d'Alene say an electronic cigarette exploded and started a fire while a family of four slept in their house on Sunday night.

However, thanks to the family's smoke alarm, Jason Burns and his parents were able to quickly put out a blaze in the living room with a fire extinguisher and the damage to the house was limited.

Fire investigators said an e-cigarette plugged into a laptop to be charged was to blame. They believe it overcharged, overheated and exploded, sending parts flying on to the furniture.

The smoke alarm let off a chirp, my mom actually woke up at the smoke alarm, came out, and just saw the fire blazing, started screaming for everybody, when i came out of my room, there were just flames, it's all you could see, Burns said.

Officials say with the popularity of e-cigarettes growing, so are the number of harmful incidents that involve them.

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