BOISE -- Boise Police are cracking down on where and when you cross the street.

This month, officers will be on foot patrol, talking to pedestrians about their safety.

This comes after two pedestrians were killed on Boise streets this year.

Boise Police say this issue has become a major concern.

They tell us people simply aren't following the crosswalk rules, and it's becoming dangerous to those walking and driving.

Corporal Scott McMikle spent several hours Tuesday on foot. His goal is to help educate pedestrians on exactly where and how to cross the street.

McMikle tells us while it sounds simple, it's something many people just don't pay attention to.

And it's a concern that could cost a life.

It's rather significant, on my own personal observation there are folks stepping out into traffic they are not using crosswalks where provided, people are having to stop suddenly and it's just a real safety issue for everyone on foot, said McMikle.

The latest pedestrian fatality involved Wiley Padden, a 28-year-old who was hit on State Street in October.

The accident was a hit and run and 24-year-old Adam Weinert has been charged in the case.

This Friday, Boise Police will be out again, this time at night on Main Street.

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