BOISE -- A United Flight traveling from Boise to Los Angeles with up to 50 passengers was put on hold because of Friday's deadly shooting at Los Angeles International Airport that delayed dozens of other flights.

Boise Airport Director Rebecca Hupp told KTVB United Flight 6498 was forced to turn around as it was taxiing on the runway.

That's because what's known as an FAA ground stop halted all traffic into LAX for over an hour. The Los Angeles-bound passengers here in Boise were delayed for about an hour, but eventually made it off the ground before 11 a.m.

Security at the Boise airport was not heightened after the shooting.

We did not receive any formal notices to go to a heightened state of security, Hupp told KTVB. However, we do monitor what's happening, not just at other airports, but across the country, and all over the world really.

Boise's TSA officers and airport police prepare and train for situations similar to today's shooting in Los Angeles. Hupp says they're on staff anytime passengers at the airport, but wouldn't go into specifics on how many police and TSA agents are typically on site.

We have a very significant law enforcement presence here at the airport, both with TSA personnel and the Boise Police officers that are stationed here, and they present a significant deterrence to the type of incident we're seeing, though it's certainly not a guarantee, Hupp said.

Boise's airport has not had a shooting situation in its history. However, the TSA has discovered guns on passengers going through security.

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