BOISE -- As we head into November and the holiday season, Idahoans are coming together to give to those less fortunate.

Saturday some young Idahoans were making it their goal to kick hunger.

During the FC Nova soccer tournaments , they put up barrels so that people could donate food to the Idaho Food Bank and every goal scored meant a dollar amount matched by sponsors. The Director of coaching, Eric Simmonsen, tells us that means more than $5,000 for the Food Bank.

We had the idea of like how can we get just more than just our community the overall community to start giving back during the holiday months and with the events and where we are at with the size of it its just a natural no brainer, said Simmonsen.

Simmonsen also said they want to teach the youth in the sport that giving back is important, because FC Nova gets a lot of help from the community, like free training from St. Luke's.

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