OWYHEE COUNTY A Marsing man accused of killing his wife has changed his plea.

Trina Bibbey, 35, died on April 4, 2012, when a car fell on her while she was changing the oil.

Rodney Wayne Bibbey, 38, told police that the jack supporting the car slipped.

A lengthy investigation determined the death of Trina Bibbey was a homicide.

Owyhee County Prosecutor Doug Emery told KTVB back in March that details emerged that led police to believe Trina s death was planned. A person with expertise in hydraulic floor jacks determined the jack holding up her Mercury Marquis was functioning properly.

An Owyhee County grand jury indicted Rodney Bibbey on a charge of first-degree murder in March 2013. He pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of second-degree murder last week.

Sentencing is set before Judge Molly Huskey on Dec. 23. Emery says Bibbey faces a minimum of 10 years up to life in prison.

Bibbey will also be sentenced for an injury to a child conviction. The felony charge stems from a 2010 incident. Emery says Bibbey propositioned a young girl to engage in a sex act.

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