BOISE -- On October 7th, a car accelerated into a crowd of people outside a Boise LDS church who had just attended a funeral.

Nine people were hurt in the accident and two suffered serious injuries.

Now, all are back home recovering after being released from the hospital.

David Hobson witnessed the accident in which several of his family members were hurt, including his 5-year-old grandson Tanner Hobson.

He says it was an unfortunate accident that has ended in miraculous recoveries.

Hobson clearly remembers the moment when it all began.

People were gathered around, they were loading the flowers, families were moving toward their cars and getting ready for the funeral procession, said Hobson.

In the midst of the sad scene came another heartbreak.

I heard the car hit the curb and as I remember it, I turned around and watched from the back as the car went through the crowd, said Hobson.

In that crowd stood Hobson's family, including his wife, son, and grandson.

The first victim he got to was his niece.

She was totally unconscious, we were really worried about her, but she came to after a few minutes, said Hobson.

Then, Hobson noticed his 5-year-old grandson Tanner who had been pulled from underneath the car's tire.

He sat with him in the hospital that night, expecting the worst.

The accident broke both of Tanner's legs, and one of his arms, damaging his lungs and liver as well.

But on Tuesday, he was released from the hospital.

It was great, that was nice, said Hobson.

Hobson says what was just as emotional was the driver himself, who police say didn't mean to accelerate onto the sidewalk that day.

Hobson says the driver spent the last nine days talking to each and every victim.

Came to the hospital to visit my grandson, said Hobson.

Hobson says this was simply a tragic accident and the victims don't blame the driver.

Instead, he says it's brought them all closer, celebrating each miraculous recovery.

He has reached out to everyone injured and has apologized and done what he can to show charity and love, said Hobson.

Also on Tuesday, the other victim most seriously injured, a close friend of Hobson's, was released from the hospital.

Tanner is now back home and returned to kindergarten in a wheelchair with several blue and orange casts. He is expected to fully recover.

Boise Police tell us the accident is still under investigation, and right now there have been no charges or citations.

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