BOISE -- Idaho's insurance exchange has been advising prospective enrollees not to worry about early hiccups logging into the Internet health-care marketplace and signing up for coverage.

After all, the exchange has said, people have six months to enroll before facing a tax penalty under President Obama's overhaul.

Actually, however, they have only 5 1/2 months to sign up.

Here's why: People face a penalty if they don't have coverage starting April 1.

But enrolling after March 15 means their insurance won't begin until May 1.

Consequently, Your Health Idaho spokeswoman Jody Olson this week began encouraging uninsured residents to make sure they buy a policy in time, to avoid a pro-rated penalty for the month of April.

Olson says the exchange' log-in logjams promise to soon be cleared, to ease enrollment.

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