TUMWATER, Wash. -- A Thurston County couple is warning other parents after their battery-powered baby monitor caught on fire.

Erica Schuman said she and her husband bought the VTech VM321 baby monitor at WalMart in September. Last week, the little hand-held monitor's rechargeable lithium polymer battery exploded, causing a small fire in their living room.

I want to make sure she's safe in the room. I didn't know I'd have to worry about the parent monitor exploding, said Schuman.

The Schumans called the manufacturer - not to get a replacement but to give a warning. They didn't get a response.

I characterize it as they're trying to sweep it under the rug, said Anthony Schuman. It could have taken down the whole apartment complex, not just our house.

KING 5 called the manufacturer, VTech. After looking at a photo that the Schumans' took of the monitor, a VTech spokesperson said it looked like their product, but It's been on the market for two years with no problems like this. There have been no burn issues.

Unfortunately, the family threw out the damaged monitor, making it difficult to determine what happened. But most importantly, the little girl they were monitoring is safe and sound.

VTech says tens of thousands of their baby monitors have been sold. Now they'll study the Schumans' pictures to try to get clues into the problem.

KING 5's Linda Brill contributed to this report.

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