TULSA, Oklahoma -- An Oklahoma woman says Melody Miles and her husband took thousands of dollars from her.

Melody Miles, an Oklahoma minister, recently moved to Idaho to start a pilot Bible college.

Caldwell Police arrested Miles on October 2 on charges of embezzlement out of Tulsa County, Oklahoma.

Officers made the arrest at Valley Church after a healing meeting where Miles was a guest speaker.

Terri Houck is her name and she says all she ever wanted was to get her kitchen cabinets remodeled.

She got in touch with Kenneth and Melody Miles in 2008 when they ran a company called Barrington Design and Remodel.

They just were very nice, said Houck.

The Miles' did a test run on one of Houck's cabinets, and she liked what she saw and gave them a $1000 deposit.

A week before they were to come do the work, Houck says, they told her they couldn't do it because Melody Miles was in the hospital, then they told her they had booked too many jobs, and they couldn't give her the deposit back because it had already been spent.

My heart sank because that's a lot of money, said Houck.

The Miles' are accused of doing the same thing to two other couples from 2008 to 2010.

In one case, according to detectives, they took more than $3,300 dollars.

In another, court records show, a couple opened a credit card for the Miles' to use, but noticed unauthorized purchases that were bought but never delivered, and the couple lost at least $25,000.

Today, Kenneth and Melody run Miles Global Ministry.

Their website claims they lead crusades and train ministers around the world, and the ministry's address matches a mail and shipping store located in Oklahoma.

Last Wednesday, KTVB's cameras were there when Miles was arrested and escorted to a police car on outstanding Oklahoma charges.

This all happened immediately after speaking at Valley church in Caldwell where she was asking for donations for her ministry.

Three days later Miles wrote on their Facebook page, I have been advised by a few to remain silent. I can see where there is wisdom in that, but the problem with my situation is that there is a small fraction of truth in what is being said which easily makes the whole thing believable...

Houck is still waiting to get her money back, and says the incident has changed her life and hopes others learn from what happened to her.

Melody Miles' husband Ken is also charged in this case, he was arrested back in May.

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