BOISE -- Witnesses of Monday's accident at the LDS Church on McMillian Road say it was like a scene from a movie. A car unintentionally accelerated into a crowd of people gathered at a funeral, injuring nine people.

Everything was calm and peaceful and them whoom! This car came out of nowhere, said Dee Cazier.

Cazier says he had just left the funeral service and was standing on a sidewalk outside the church when the white Toyota sedan came crashing up the curb and onto the sidewalk.

Just all of a sudden, out of nowhere, here comes this white car really moving fast. And I turn and I look down the sidewalk and people were flying, said Cazier.

Cazier says he guesses the Toyota was going 30 miles per hour when its elderly driver hit the group of people as they were leaving the service.

I just saw people. I didn't know who got hit. I ran up that way toward where the little boy was, said Cazier.

A 5-year-old boy was among the people hit. Cazier's grown daughter was also hit, and he says she is expected to be okay.

She was standing on the sidewalk standing over here somewhere and then she ended up about over here. She got thrown a ways, said Cazier.

This is honestly one of those incidents that you train for that you hope you never have to respond to, said Lynn Hightower, spokeswoman for Boise Police. Witnesses are saying that there were bodies and injured people lying all over the sidewalk.

Other witnesses inside the church tell KTVB they could hear screaming and yelling and the sound of tires squealing. They say blessings were given to the injured along with prayers.

On scene it was pretty traumatic for everybody including the first responders, said Hightower.

It was something you would maybe see in the movies you don't expect to see it here walking out of at a wonderful funeral, said Cazier.

The white car eventually came to a stop. Its windshield had been shattered from the impacts. A female passenger in the car was also hurt and taken to the hospital.

Hightower says two of the nine people injured are in serious condition as of Monday night, including the 5-year-old boy. She says the elderly driver, believed to be in his 70s, has not been cited.

It does appear unintentional but what exactly happened, how that car accelerated so quickly into that crowd of people right now is still under investigation, said Hightower.

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