Competitive pumpkin grower Joel Holland of Puyallup has set a new record for Washington state.

Holland trucked his giant pumpkin down to California for the 19th Annual Elk Grove GIANT Pumpkin Festival.

Holland's 1,791-pound gourd smashed the old state record of 1,505 pounds.

The father of this pumpkin was a 2009 world record plant, he said.

Tim Mathison of Napa, Calif. took first place with a 1,874.5-pound pumpkin.

Holland has been growing giant pumpkins for nearly 30 years. In 2011, He was featured in a 2011 documentary called Giants, which took a look inside the minds of people whose single focus is to grow the world s biggest pumpkin.

Holland said he was very excited and happy about his record breaker.

(I've) been growing a long time and it's a challenge each year to beat a previous personal best, he said.

Holland and his wife will bring the prized pumpkin home and put it on display.

It might get carved, he said.

Of course he will keep the seeds, but the flesh will likely end up in the compost pile.

Visit Holland's website for information about growing your own huge pumpkin.

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