GARDENCITY -- East 36th Street in Garden City has been transformed into a gateway to the city's fast-growing waterfront district. That's because a major roadway renovation started in May has just been completed.

The $550,000 project includes expanded pocket parking, new curbs, decorative pavement, modern streetlights, and new utilities on East 36th Street from Chinden Boulevard to the city's new whitewater park.

Ada County Highway District President Sara Baker called it a new beginning for GardenCity.

Mayor John Evans hopes the half-million dollar project will pave the way for more development in the city's Live-Create-Work District, which borders the Boise River and is near the city's fast-growing waterfront district.

36th Street connects down to the waterfront district which is a signature project we have on the east end of town, Evans said.

That's where Jim Neill comes in. Neill is a developer with The Bridge Townhomes, and has built over 100 upscale residences in the Waterfront District in the past ten years.

Neill says Garden City is changing quickly, and expects to double that construction in the next 10 years.

Well this is sort of a midpoint, Neill told KTVB. This is an incredible milestone, but there's still a lot to be done.

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