NAMPA -- Officers have called off an organized search for a carjacking suspect who's also accused of threatening a man with a knife and then hiding in a corn field.

The Nampa and Caldwell Police Departments, along with the CanyonCounty SWAT Team, spent hours searching that Nampa corn field overnight.

The search was eventually called off after midnight because officers say they couldn't see in the dark, dense corn.


Police initially searched for the man in Caldwell, and say he was a suspect in some vehicle thefts.

While searching for him yesterday in Canyon County, police say they spotted the man, but he ran away.

Soon after, there was a report that a van had been stolen from the Norco Inc. parking lot in Nampa.


Nampa police say the man threatened a Norco employee with a knife and stole the vehicle.

When police located the van, the suspect took off.

During the pursuit, police say the man crashed into another car at the intersection of Middleton Road and Fitzwilliam Street.

Police say the carjacking suspect ran into a nearby corn field.

One person was injured in the crash. The Canyon County Sheriff's Office is investigating.


Police officers worked to surround the field and start looking for the man who they believed was hiding inside.

Despite a lengthy search using officers, K-9s, and thermal imaging equipment, police couldn't find the suspect. They say they're not sure if the man was still in the corn field, or if he was able to escape.

Nampa and Caldwell detectives say they are investigating the armed carjacking and will continue to search for the suspect involved.

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