NAMPA -- Problems from Nampa's financial shortfall has shown itself in the new school year.

After months of eliminating and trimming programs within the district, parents, teachers and students alike are feeling those cuts at New Horizons Elementary.

Right now in the budget it s not there and the funding is very tight, we had to do 14 furlough days we closed a school, we have made other just deep deep cuts, said Nampa School District Spokesperson Allison Westfall.

Westfall explains that last spring the district informed parents that the school bus service to New Horizons would have to stop.

Parents opt to send their kids to the school because they like what it offers. The elementary school has dual language learning and prides itself on a rigorous schedule of core standards.

Because this was a choice program it drew students from all over the city a large majority of the students were bused, said Westfall. So it s a big change for parents to have to come and pick up their kids and drop them off.

Friday, parents were vocal about the change.

Angela Thueson, calls herself a concerned and committed parent and was visiting with other parents who were picking up their students at the end of the day. She was asking them to sign a petition to hand over to the district in hopes of getting their transportation back.

We have given them a plan that will be significantly less price, and so we are asking them to reconsider that plan, Thueson explained to one parent.

So we are open to ideas but our funding for services is very limited, said Westfall.

For now, instead of the school buses lining up after school, parents are to pick their children up, but not without some parking lot confusion.

It s awful, it doesn t work. We don t leave here until after 4 p.m.and many sports events start at 4 or 4:30, and so we are rush rush rush, said Jonet Greenfield.

With the buses being gone, it s definitely made what we usually do anyways a lot harder, said Jonet s husband Victor Greenfield as they waited in a line of cars.

The Greenfields along with others say there is also a concern about the kids.

On Friday, the New Horizons staff was seen working hard to organize two groups of students outside. When parents arrived to pick up their kids, teachers would call out the child s name and grade then walk them to their ride.

We have an amazing principal and amazing staff that are taking extra time to make sure our kids are safe, said parent Miranda Ward.

The kids are split into two groups, a younger age group and an older aged group.

Students waited anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes on Friday to get picked up as parents navigated a make-due one way system.

However, cuts had to be made in order to get district s budget back on track.

It s a school of choice, so parents can choose to enroll their child here in Kindergarten, said Westfall.

KTVB was also told that New Horizon Principal Valerie Fuhriman-Cleverly is trying to get an after school program going to help with any wait time.

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