NAMPA -- After losing a $1.5 million grant, because the state could not pay costs to administer it, The Canyon County Historical Society needs help.

The society is in charge of the more than100 year old Nampa train depot, which is in need of repairs. To raise that money, they're turning to the community. Saturday, they hosted the Nampa Depotfest so folks could see what they're raising money to help preserve.

The historical society estimates the restoration project will cost half a million dollars. That is even tougher since the county cut their budget from $90,000 to $30,000.

The 100-year-old plumbing needs to be restored, said Eriks Garsvo, a museum employee. And eventually we'll work our way up to the top, which will be a tile roof will be restored back to the original look.

Restorations have to be done in the original style of the depot.

We have to be careful how we restore it as it has to be authentic-looking and true to the 100-year-old look, said Garsvo.

The historical society has cut employees and raised admission prices all in an effort to keep their doors open for the youth of Canyon County.

A lot of the older generation people that lived here that could tell the story is passing away, said Garsvo. And luckily, we have things that they've donated, and books and their history and we can keep it alive and keep it for future generations to learn about.

Donations to the Canyon County Historical Society are tax-deductible.

The festival continues Sunday, with free museum admission, caboose tours, music, and vendors.

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