EAGLE -- Ever seen a badger in a garbage can?

We didn't think so.

While it's certainly debatable, these small, but fearsome animals are probably best viewed from that vantage point -- especially if one becomes trapped in your garage.

That's exactly what happened to a family in Eagle.

Eagle police responded to a call about a problem badger last Friday. They say the badger was found living in a woodpile inside the homeowner's garage near the Locust Grove / Chinden Boulevard area.

According to the Ada County Sheriff's Office, the police officers tried to scare the badger away, but their efforts had no effect on the wily animal.

Because the homeowner had a small child, officers opted to take action rather than waiting for the IdahoDepartment of Fish and Game to show up.

That's when the garbage can came into the picture.

It seems deputies and a next-door neighbor worked to trap the unusual member of the weasel family.

Once safely inside the plastic garbage can, it was taken to the Eagle foothills and set free.

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