SPIRIT LAKE, Idaho -- Knights of the Ku Klux Klan held a membership eat, greet, and meet in Spirit Lake, Idaho Saturday. They asked for their supporters to come out and meet the Aryan Nations and to get involved.

12 members of law enforcement from Spirit Lake Police, Kootenai County Sheriff's Office, Idaho State Police and U.S. Secret Service were all there to assist. There were no major disturbances except for a minor incident when a protestor unplugged the speaker's microphone.

Eleven protestors and 6 KKK members were there and no new members came to take part.

The Aryan Nations released a flyer that appealed to people who, in their words, are tired of illegal immigration, or of hate crime legislation designed to target whites, and the under reported non-white crime rate, among other Klan talking points.

City leaders approved the event even though some in the area did not want the group to get together at the local park. People who live in the area and use the public park said they often worry about another chance for the group's message to be heard by others.

Police said the Aryan Nations event was scheduled to last two hours. The KKK also scheduled three speakers and served food to the public. However, the rally only lasted an hour and no food or drink was served.

It had been several months since the Aryan Nations made a public appearance. They tried to build a compound inNorthern Idaho in the fall of 2012 but the plan was put on hold. Many people complained to the city about the event, but police said they should not give the group any more attention.

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