BOISE -- Former Canyon County Prosecutor John Bujak has pleaded guilty to contempt of court but will also have his final felony charge dismissed.

Bujak resigned from the prosecutor's post in 2010 after county officials said he failed to reimburse them for resources used in meeting the Nampa prosecution contract. He was charged with misuse of public funds and found not guilty, but later was charged with creating false evidence to help his defense in the earlier case. The false evidence case ended in a mistrial, and prosecutors ultimately dropped that charge to pursue a contempt of court claim against Bujak.

The Idaho Press-Tribune reports Bujak entered the guilty plea Thursday, apologizing to prosecutors and 3rd District Judge Molly Huskey for his actions.

Bujak told KTVB Thursday, I just want to move forward in a positive direction once I get my license back and again serve the community in a positive way rather than continuing to create some kind of a spectacle in Canyon County over something that happened three and four years ago.

Huskey ordered him to pay for some jury and transportation costs and attorneys' fees.
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