BOISE -- Folks gathered in Eagle Saturday afternoon for the Eagle Fun Days Wet 'N Wild parade, but as the water fight floats started coming something went wrong.

A powerline came crashing to the ground during the parade.

Witnesses say the water fight part of the parade had just started, covering the road with water, when a power line crashed the ground.

Eagle City Council Member Mark Butler said a float with flag on a pole hit a power line at State Street and Winding Creek.

Butler says the wires came onto the ground and the transformer exploded.

Other witnesses say there was lots of smoke and the wires were sparking in the puddles of water.

Butler says that was when a few folks took charge.

People in the area immediately coordinate off the area, and started yelling to people to get back. And they ran and grabbed baricades because there were a lot of barricades out there for the parade, and they barricaded off the area and pushed everybody away from the area, said Butler.

Butler also says it's probably thanks to those people that no one was hurt, and that it was difficult for first responders to get the scene.

One fire engine got held up because people thought it was part of the parade.

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