BOISE -- Neighbors in South Boise are left with unsettling feelings after a woman was found lying in a puddle of dried blood in one of their driveways. The 30-year-old unidentified woman is now fighting for her life, and a man has been charged with a felony.

The series of events happened early Sunday morning on South Manitou Avenue near South Broadway Avenue and West Boise Avenue. Neighbor Pam Beckwith remembers hearing the commotion of police sirens.

All the neighbors of course started coming out to see if everybody was okay, said Beckwith.

A neighbor two houses down from Beckwith found the woman. He had been out with his dog, who first stumbled upon her.

She was lying in our neighbor's, their front driveway ends and there's a sidewalk that goes back to their back fence, and she was in that little sidewalk area, said Beckwith.

Boise Police and paramedics responded to the 1700 block of South Manitou Avenue. The woman had suffered a severe skull fracture and other life-threatening injuries.

I don't think she was responsive, said Beckwith.

Boise Police determined the woman and 22-year-old Thomas MacFarlane were in a moped crash earlier that morning and in the same neighborhood.

However, when officers responded to reports of a motorcycle crash at South Manitou Avenue and Garfield Street, there were no victims around.

They found only a scooter-type motorcycle that appeared to have crashed, but a connection wasn't made until after the woman was found in the driveway.

We just thought it seemed a little coincidental to have two things happen so close. You know such close proximity, said Beckwith.

Boise Police say they believe MacFarlane carried the woman from the crash site for about two blocks before leaving her in the driveway. Prosecutors say she was bleeding profusely, and she had been there for almost four hours before the neighbor's dog found her.

Those in the neighborhood are now left to wonder why the woman was left in the driveway, as they cope with the tragic news that she might not survive.

I think everybody is. Anytime something like that happens in your neighborhood, said Beckwith.

An Ada County deputy prosecutor says the woman is in a coma and in critical condition.

Boise Police have not said how or where they tracked down MacFarlane. He has been charged with leaving the scene of an injury crash. Prosecutors say he admitted to drinking that night, and that MacFarlane and the woman knew each other.

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