SEATTLE-- A man was in critical condition and may lose part of his leg after being injured by a sparkler bomb in Renton Thursday. Police say the explosion blew fragments as far as 125 feet.

It happened around 4:25 a.m. at the Villa Townhomes in unincorporated Renton.

The King County Sheriff s Office says the 26-year-old was left with open fractures to his left leg and the area below the left knee. He also had a deep penetrating injury to his left forearm. His left lower leg may be amputated below the knee.

Deputies say the sparkler bomb was made with at least 50 sparklers wrapped in duct tape. The man lit the bomb with a lighter in the middle of the street. Deputies say it appears to have exploded quickly.

Some of the wire ended up embedded in the trees near the apartment complex. The explosion was heard several blocks away.

Deputies say it s a Class C Felony to turn common fireworks into something that creates an explosion.

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