BOISE -- Because everyone's pushing their air conditioning units to the limit, AC repair technicians are keeping extremely busy this week.

Bob Barnes with Western Heating and Air says air conditioning units in area are designed for temperatures around 95 degrees, so when we're pushing 110 degrees like the last few days, AC units tend to not work well, or break down altogether.

Monday we had over 700 calls come in and today we're well over 500, said Barnes. Yeah, we're booked close to almost a week out now.

Barnes says there are few things you can do to your air conditioning unit is running efficiently and your home stays cool:

  • Check to make sure you have a clean filter
  • Check power supply, fuses
  • Check thermostat is in AC mode
  • Recommends not setting below 70 degrees
  • Check for new batteries in thermostat
  • Don't change thermostat throughout day and night, works better if you set where you want it and leave it
  • Keep window blinds and doors closed as much as possible, and avoid going in and out unnecessarily
  • Use bath fans when showering (extra humidity has to be removed by air conditioner)
  • Avoid cooking on stove top or oven if possible, use microwave or BBQ outside
  • If outside temps at night drop below your home's temperature, it's OK to open windows to cool down house, but be sure to close them early in morning

The best advice is to always have annual maintenance on your AC before the season starts.

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