NAMPA -- Even with temperature reaching 100 degrees, folks still came out to Nampa on Friday to get some grub at the 2013 Northwest RibFest.

However, the weather was not the only thing heating up at the Northwest RibFest.

I think the whole Northwest, the barbecue scene is coming on strong, said Lynn Jeffrey.

Jeffrey is the pitmaster for Montana Bar-BQ, but she has roots in the Gem State. She got her start in barbecue in Payette, while her smoker is from McCall.

Other barbecue teams had a longer trip than Jeffrey did. As teams came to Northwest RibFest from Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana just to name a few

The reason we're doing four days is because we have the seven biggest barbecue teams in the world. The seven top-ranked teams, and they only come to shows if they're here for at least four days, said Northwest RibFest co-President Kasey Thompson.

Thompson said the move from Kleiner Park in Meridian has let them expand the event.

The weather might seem less than ideal to some, but Thompson is glad it's not raining.

Three or four days ago it was raining, and I was really hoping it wasn't going to rain, he said with a laugh.

Thompson said he would prefer this heat to the rain, and they are prepared for triple digit temperatures. All of their food vendors are selling water.

We have two medics, and we also have the Red Cross. Two of their booths set up, Thompson said.

For pitmasters like Dallas Green, their tasty offerings are much hotter than the temperatures.

This ain't hot, said Green. This is not hot. In Texas, this is like a spring day.

Dallas Green founded Cowboys Barbecue and Rib Company in Fort Worth, Texas in 1986, and has been barbecuing most of his life.

My granddaddy said this, 'Either learn to cook barbecue or we're going to move you to Oklahoma.' I said, 'Papa that's a threat.' He said, 'I mean it.' I said, 'OK.' So at 2-years-old my grandpa started teaching me how to cook barbecue, said Green.

Green said his crew is having a great time in Nampa and looking forward to a big turnout.

I love Idaho, Green said. I think the people are phenomenal. It's apparent they love barbecue because they are really starting to come out. I anticipate over 100,000 people this weekend.

If you combine the awards for the barbecues that came to Northwest RibFest from out of state, together they have 1,000 state and world titles.

The Northwest RibFest continues through Sunday at the Idaho Center Outdoor Amphitheater.

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